Asymmetrical haircuts for women to refresh the face shape in 2021

Asymmetrical haircuts that will make you fall in love with the sight

The asymmetric hairstyle is versatile and is suitable for every hair type and face shape. The asymmetrical hairstyle can make thin hair gain volume and thicker hair can look more effectively. Round and square face shapes can approach an oval shape with an asymmetric model. The asymmetrical hairstyle can be worn comfortably on both daily and special occasions.

Asymmetrical hairstyle is suitable for any color dyeing. The highlight, balayage, ombre asymmetrical hairstyle creates a simply perfect look in the hands of the master.

The face shape is very important when choosing a haircut in the asymmetrical hairstyle. Oval face can choose any haircut and length. In choosing a round and square face, the asymmetrical cut should not be short and the hair should not be separated from the sides and asymmetry should not be given. Asymmetrical hairstyle is more suitable for medium, short or long curls.

Asymmetrical Haircut Types

Short Asymmetrical Haircut: It is the most common asymmetrical haircut. It is very easy to use and maintain. While women think that short hair can be limiting, asymmetrical haircuts allow for both short and long hair.

Irregular Cut: There are two types of pixie and bob.

– Pixie: Pixie hair is cut at the back of the head and temples and has jagged strands emerging at the crown.

– Bob: In a bob haircut, the asymmetry is cut by shortening the hair at the back of the head and lengthening the strands closer to the face. This approach can be applied to different face shapes.

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob: The wavy bob is short in the back. It moves to a more mismatched length in the front and frames the face beautifully.

Asymmetrical Bob haircuts

Asymmetrical Bob: It is a suitable model for all face types and helps to hide imperfections by providing a great advantage with the right choice.

Asymmetrical pixie cut

Asymmetrical Pixie: It is a type of asymmetric haircut that has been known for a very long time and is known to many.

Asymmetrical undercut bob

Undercut Bob: It is a very extravagant model for asymmetrical haircuts.

Asymmetrical bob with bangs

Asymmetrical Bangs: To maintain the asymmetrical look without shortening the sides, playing with bangs is one way to achieve the same angled style, but it takes patience to grow them.

The most trendy asymmetric hairstyles in 2021

The asymmetrical hairstyle is the choice of women who always want a different and cool look. Women who are bored with classic models refresh themselves with short pixie and asymmetrical bob. In the asymmetrical hairstyle, some of the hair is longer than the other and is striking. In 2021, women’s beauty comes to the fore with asymmetrical haircuts. Women complete their stylish and charm with this hairstyle.

Short Asymmetrical haircuts

Haircuts with asymmetrical bangs are in fashion for short hair. Oblique and uneven bangs can be seen in haircuts like pixie, garcon or bob.

Bangs can be short, medium or long. Short or long bangs can often be seen in pixie and garcon asymmetrical haircuts. Long bangs are common with a bob haircut. For curly hair, oblique, long or torn bangs suitable for all types of women’s hair are suitable.

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