The new hair trend for men: Braided hairstyles

The new hair trend for men: Braided hairstyles

Braids are arguably one of the coolest hairstyles for men in recent years. Braids, which can be applied for all hair lengths, have become the favorite of men after women. Braids are one of the popular, stylish, low-maintenance hairstyles. Fades, undercuts, shaved sides and many hairstyles go well with braids. For men, there are many types of braid hairstyles. Egyptian, box, French, braided dreads hairstyles are some of them. It’s time for men who want to try the braided hairstyle. Our stylists have compiled the best hairstyles for you to inspire you and new ideas.

Which hairstyles can I use my braids with?

Braid hairstyles are low maintenance. They won’t give you any trouble for weeks after you get them done. Only with proper care will this process be valid. Knitting patterns for men offer a wide range of styles, from flat cornrows to box braids used with buns and braided dreadlocks models. The general preference of men is the styles that combine braids and fading models. A combination of medium and high fade, undercut and braids concentrated on the top of the head. It is possible to use the braid hairstyle for up to 6 weeks. However, as the hair grows, the roots will become pubescent. The scalp will need regular care and washing.

The most preferred braiding model of men: cornrows

For men who dare, braid hairstyles are the way to show it. From bold designs to elegant, innovative and stylish styles, there is a knitting pattern suitable for every man. Braids for both modern or classic styles are prepared by stylists. When short-haired men want to use the braid model, the hair should be in hand-held length. The knitting process will be easier if the holding process is provided with dry shampoo paste or a matte pomade.
The cornfield braid model is the traditional African braid that is highly preferred by men. The hair is braided high and close to the scalp. In addition to plain braids, braids can be decorated with unusual bangs and stars. It is preferred by men with medium and long hair.

What should I do to use the braids for a long time?

The first step is to dampen the braids. Massage with oil while your hair is wet or dry. You can use a conditioner that does not require rinsing on the hair. Especially try to get hair care products to pass between the braids. Wash the hair at least once a week to moisturize it. After washing the hair, tighten and comb the braids. Braids must be renewed after 6-8 weeks. The roots of the hair should not be pulled too much while braiding. This will damage the roots of the hair and cause shedding. Although women and black men used braid hairstyles before, it has been accepted all over the world in recent years and all men love to use braided hairstyles.

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