Trend perm hairstyles and hair color ideas for women in 2021

New Types of Perm Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women

Permed Hair; Perm is a method that transforms straight, hard, thick hair into curls and gives fullness to the hair. A special stabilizer is applied to the hair and shaped with a tong.

Types of Perms
-alkali, -acidic, -neutral, -amino acid, -basal, -American, -biowave, -carving.

Acid Perm
This perm type is the least preferred type. Acids penetrate deep into the hair structure. This perm type can be recommended for very thick, heavy and coarse hair. It allows the formation of curls in very thick hair. Acid perm can cause thick hair to become hard and difficult to comb. Curls can last for 1.5-6 months with the procedure. The acidic perm can have a negative effect on the hair, weakening the hair. Thick hair may need moisturizing. It is used as the most preferred method for long hairstyles.

Alkaline Perm
A mixture of ammonium and glycolic acid is used for curl formation. It is suitable for all hair types and is not preferred for damaged hair. There is a more natural appearance than acid perm. It can cause breakage and dullness in fine hair. Curls can be used for about 3 months.

Do you want to have more voluminous hair?

Neutral Perm
It is a suitable method for all hair types. Curls look more natural and soft. Products with lowered pH level are preferred in perma application. Therefore, a neutral pH shampoo and conditioner may be needed to protect the curls. It may be used in a period of up to 3-4 months.

Amino Acid Perm
It is suitable for fragile and damaged hair. Amino acids and proteins both nourish the hair and contribute to the formation of beautiful curls. Amino acid perm can cause hair breakage. Curls last up to two months. This technique can be preferred as a more suitable technique for slightly short or shoulder length hair. With this method, even dry curls are fed with silk amino acids. Curls look healthier and more groomed.

Biowave Perm
The main difference from other methods is that the preparations do not contain thiollic acid, ammonia and peroxide. Instead, similarly structured components are used. They connect the sulfur bridges as a result of the formation of curls of the required volume.
Thanks to the technique, permanent curls can be used for up to six months.

Perm hairstyles for all hair types

Basal Perm
A root perm is recommended for fine hair of short lengths. Permanence can be achieved by applying the chemical to the root area. It can be preferred as a more suitable method for those who have had a perm before. With the correct application of this method, hair volume can be increased up to four times.

Are women returning to perm again in 2021?

Women used perm lovingly in the past years. This model, which has taken storms all over the world since the 80’s and is a favorite of women, is also on the agenda. It looks like a new style for women who are tired of straight hair and have to style it every day. She mentions that in 2021, perm will take its place in fashion magazines among stylists.

Perms for Short Hair

Pixie, which are the most favorite models as short haircuts for a much more flamboyant hairstyle, and especially short bob hairstyles for older women can achieve a more textured and voluminous look with the perm hair style. Are you ready to refresh yourself with the latest perm short hairstyles visuals for you?

American Perm
This model is preferred by women with an oval face shape. Special curlers are used to make large curls. This method is quite expensive. The advantage is that the border between growing hair and curled hair is not very noticeable.

Carving Perm
Since only the surface is affected by the method, it is considered one of the most gentle perm types. This method can be used between 1-6 months, and the repeat process can be applied after three months. This method uses natural curls instead of prominent curls.

Winding Wires in Perming;
Perms are made using special devices called coils. It has 2 types.
-Cylindrical: Straight cylinders are used without protrusions and significant transitions on the coils.
-Spiral: It is made with spiral coils. It is suitable for thick hair that glides from neat bobbins.

For permed hair;

Herbal products, nourishing products can be used for hair. The hair dryer can damage the hair, instead the hair can be left to dry naturally. Sparse toothed combs may be better suited to detangle curls.
After the procedure;
It is not recommended to wash the hair immediately, using curlers or straighteners.
Special shampoo should be chosen for curled hair.
Curls should always be moisturized. For this, masks containing collagenceratin and silk proteins may be preferred.
It is necessary to keep the hair ends moist with oils.
It will be necessary for curls to protect from the effects of the sun as a result of chemical treatment.

Perming is not recommended for those who have the following characteristics:
– pregnant women
– breastfeeding mothers,
– Those who have allergies,
– The hair strands are very dry,
– Those with acute illnesses,
– Pharmaceutical users,

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